BBA Biotech
Innovation is an open constantly evolving revolution

BBA Biotech was founded in 2006 by a team of bio-entrepreneurs with high know how in industrial applications of microorganisms and natural enzymes. Primary aim is realizing challenging “environmental friendly” projects, to develop innovative biotechnological products to apply in both environmental and industrial fields, technologies that change radically current ecological interventions methods. Sustainable technologies based on natural, simple and cost-effective criteria.


Innovation, sustainability, safety and uniqueness.

We are always working on innovative solutions focused on changing producer's and consumer habits, to raise environmental awareness towards the use of zero impact biotechnologies.

Team Team


We have a lively structure that allows us to be extremely pro-active towards the customer. We maintain key activities inside our company, as Research, Development and Production, and we entrust external worldwide known institutes such as SGS Institute, Eurofins Biolab and Universities to guarantee the standards of our processes and the certification of our products activities.


All processes are conducted in compliance with standards procedures and following the system of Quality Management in compliance with EN UNI ISO 9001:2015 regulations. Strict laboratory controls assure the quality of the end products.

Our values


We apply standards procedures of production and control to guarantee the quality;

We use most innovative existing technologies and methods.

Knowledge & Team Spirit

We work with an expert and skilled team;

We invest in research and training;

We recognize and incentivize outstanding performances.

Customer focused

We guarantee customers satisfaction, by listening and meeting their requirements;

We add value to our customer’s activities through our products and services;

We seek innovative solutions to help our customers achieving their goals.